Saturday, October 25, 2014

็Halloween Gift Tag for Halloween Gift

I recommend that you print the gift tag on to card stock and 
then either tape it to your gifts or punch a hole in it 
and tie a ribbon to it.

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Figurine Blind Box !

Super Kawaiiii.......

DIY Hand Carved Stamp Tutorial!

Stamp carving tutorial by minna from teal & tea blog.
For those of you that are interested in getting started,
be sure to take your time and practice!

Explore more detail and links for materials at teal & tea blog.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Kawaii Halloween Wallpaper from San-x : Kutsushita Nyanko

Click on the link below for your device.

Happy Halloween!!

Vegan Black Cookies Madness

Source : Wagashi Maniac

These Black Kitty Cookies, this is actually Kutusita Nyanko
a cute black kitty from San-X. 

"Kutsushita Nyanko" is a cat wearing socks on his every legs.
His name is "Bon Chan".
Wearing socks to the cats is a really popular among cat-lovers
and his behavior definitely will attract everyone.

These cookies are really, truly black, but without any food colouring, 
they are made with natural ingredients, mainly black sesame. 

Explore more detail and recipe at Wagashi Maniac


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Knitted Bunny from Square

 You will need: some whool, wadding, and a knitted square.

Once you knitted the square, with a needle pass a piece of wool 
like the picture show, and then pull from in it, and add the wadding.
 Then stuff the body, and close it with the needle and some wool. 
Finally make a pompom for the tail.
Add to black beads for the eyes, and you are done!!

It is really fast to make and so lovely!

Kawaii Rilakkuma Wallpaper : Rilakkuma Halloween Party

Click on the link below for your device.

Click on the link below for your device.

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

FREE Printable Halloween Hello Kitty Invitation Set

These FREE Printable Halloween Hello Kitty invitation sets 
has been created for you by Kevin Hale of
They come in two easy-to-use formats and two themes for your convenience.

Hello Kitty Halloween Theme

 Hello Kitty Halloween and Birthday Theme

Using the free JPEG Hello Kitty invitations you can either quickly print 
and fill in your details add in your party info and then send it to print. 
These Hello Kitty Halloween themed invitations measure 5 x7 inches 
and you can either choose from a Hello Kitty Halloween invitation 
or a Halloween Birthday invitation. 
They're so lovely!!

The free Hello Kitty PDF printable will print two invitations to 
a sheet at 5 x 7 inches. You can download your free Hello Kitty 
Halloween or Halloween birthday invitations at

Enjoy your Hello-ween Party!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kawaii Doodle!!

I like lovely doodle so much.
Anyway, my drawing skill is so bad.
I just find some kawaii doodle 
which inspire me to keep trying to pratice.

Explore more fotolia.

How to Make a Chibi Jack Charm

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Win a Rilakkuma Halloween Plush Set

Rilakkuma Halloween giveaway time! 
Follow San-X FacebookCOMMENT on the post, 
Share the image (must be public post),
and you can WIN the entire plush set! 
Open to international fans also! 
The prize pack includes a Halloween Rilakkuma, 
Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori plushes! 
Winner will be picked on Oct 20, and you may enter 
as many times as you wish. 

Good luck! (You can also enter on San-x Instagram @rilakkumaus )

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Printable Spooky Kawaii Stickers for Halloween!

Here's a free printable Halloween-themed sticker sheet 
for your spooky-kawaii needs from Kawaii Japan Lover~ (*^。^*)

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sanrio Deals : Free Hello Kitty Lunch Case Set

Free Hello Kitty Letter set with $40 Purchase!!

Here's How...
1. Add $40 worth of item(s) to your shopping bag.
2. Enter LUNCHSET in the promotion code box on the shopping bag page
and click "Apply" next to the box.
3. Free Hello Kitty Lunch Set must appear in your shopping bag for the
promotionto be valid. Click "proceed to checkout" to continue.
4. Enjoy your free gift!

This special offer is available at sanrio online shop.

Summiko Gurashi, New Favorite San-X Characters

Introducing your new favorite San-X characters, Summiko Gurashi! 
This set of adorable characters translates from Japanese to mean 
"things left in the corner." This character set features a Polar Bear 
from a far off Arctic land, a green Penguin, an adorable piece of 
Pork Cutlet, and a shy Calico Cat to complete the group. 

You can find some kawaii Summiko Gurashi stationery at 
Cool pencil case online shop.

Summiko Gurashi Planner Tabs : $4.25
Contained in this group of planner tabs are eight different designs, 
each featuring adorable patterns of Summiko Gurashi and friends. 
You can utilize these planner tabs to mark important pages in your
journalsnotebooks, or textbooks, and they are the perfect place 
for keeping notes and writing down special dates and events! 
What's more is that the palate of tabs contains adhesive material,
so that it can be put right on the cover of your books for easy access 
at all times! Decorate and plan out your very own adventures 
with Summiko Gurashi using these adorable planner tabs.

Summiko Gurashi Plastic Tab Set : $4.25

This Plastic Tab Set offers a new and unique way to personalize 
your keepsake writing materials, including planners and notebooks. 
You can mark important pages and texts with these plastic tabs! 
Included in this plastic tab set are five different tab designs, 
each featuring a mix of the Summiko Gurashi characters. 
The tab booklet contains adhesive material, so that you can apply 
the tab booklet to the inside cover of your book or journal for 
easy access. These tabs are ideal for marking your place in your 
journal or in your books, or for marking important information 
that you don't want to forget! Either way, these Summiko Gurashi 
characters make an exciting and adorable addition to your school 
supplies and the store.

Summiko Gurashi Washi Tape Collection : $4.45
Use the washi tape to add some pizazz to your next craft project. 
Each of these washi tapes feature a citrus color theme, 
along with eye-catching, curved edges that's a step above 
the rest of your craft tapes. Whether it's to seal envelopes 
for your next batch of snail mail or to create fun borders, 
tell a story with this fun washi tape!

Summiko Gurashi Decorative Tape : $5.85

This particular product features decorative tape perfect 
for adding your personal touch to your very own 
journals, planners, or diaries. 
The dispenser itself features a nice grip, as well as 
the Summiko Gurashi characters on the exterior. 
To use the dispenser, simply click one at the top to extend 
the tape, and click again when you are done for storage. 
The tape is dispensed similar to white-out products. 
The Summiko Gurashi characters featured in this adorable 
product are sure to add a touch of cuteness to your works!

Summiko Gurashi is a set of characters you don't want to ignore.

Check them out at CoolPencilCase.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cute Halloween Printable

I just found some cute Halloween printable which Wita Puspita of
Design is Yay! created for you since last year.
There're Trick or Treat Box, wrapping papers and party rounds.
All of them are so lovely!! 

Get ready for Halloween, and download your trick or treat box.

This lovely printable for trick or treat box is available Here.

Next, the adorable ghouls wrapping papers.
With these wrapping papers, you could use them to wrap gifts, 
create your own lolly bags, or create your own mini envelope. 
There are two colours to choose from: white or black background.

This lovely printable for wrapping papers are available Here.

Another is lovely ghouls party rounds.

These rounds are so useful. Print them on Adhesive print paper, 
and you got yourself some seals for lolly bags. 
Print them on thicker cardstocks for cupcake topper, straw decoration, 
scrapbooking, journalling, gift tags, and many more.

This lovely printable for party rounds are available Here.

Have fun!!