Sunday, November 29, 2015

LINE Rilakkuma LOOP

The adorable Rilakkuma puzzle game is now available in English and Chinese!
Gameplay is simple: just tap one of the many Stages in themes you know 
and love.
[Gameplay Basics]
To finish a Stage, clear every Ball! Line up and clear 3 or more Balls 
of the same color by tapping to roll your Marble!
New rules are added with each Stage, making the world of Rilakkuma
more fun to explore!

- To clear Balls, line up 3 or more of the same color.
- Try to clear Balls back-to-back ("Chian") and get lots of points!
- Clear lots of Balls to MAX your Joy-o-meter! Using Skills give you 
an advantage.
- Clear enough Balls and a valuable "Jolly Ball" will appear.

Go and get it free at iTunes Store and google play store now.

KIRIMI Chan : an Ambassador of "Let's Eat Fish"

KIRIMI chan is a Sanrio character who is a slice of salmon 
that wants to be eaten deliciously by people.
This time, KIRIMI chan and her friends are starting out 
a new promotion called "KIRIMI chan Personification Promotion" 
as an ambassador of "Let's Eat Fish" project of Ministry 
of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
Source: Sanrio Japan

Friday, November 27, 2015

So Easy and Cute Nail Wrap

These super cute Nail Wrap and more are available 

Discounts and events, go to:

San-X Line Stickers : Rilakkuma Cozy Winter Days

Sourec: line store

For a limited time only, check out these new Rilakkuma winter stickers 
available on LINE! No need to wait till Christmas or New Year's―this winter, 
Rilakkuma and friends are here to warm your heart every day! 
Available till February 13, 2016 (GMT+9).

Don't miss these new line stickers from San-x.

Source: san-x

Please Note | This sticker set's animation can only be played on 
LINE for iOS or Android version 4.4.0 or higher, 
LINE for Windows Phone version 3.7 or higher.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DIY Vintage String Holder Tutorial

source :

String holders are super handy to have around for craft projects, 
whether you’re crocheting, tying up a package, 
or simply keeping string and cord organized.

Explore the step by step how to make this Vintage String Holder

Have fun!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Kawaii Sumikko Gurashi Wallpaper from San-X

source: san-x japan

Click on the link below for your device.

source: san-x japan

Click on the link below for your device.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ulo, Cute Owl Styled Security Camera

Today more and more objects are connected, 
but none of them truly connects with you.

Ulo creates a unique bond, like no other device.

It redefines the way you interact with objects: an organic communication.

Evidence shows that a number of facial expressions are related to 

similar emotions across cultures. The language of our eyes is one of 
the most powerful and effective tools of non-verbal communication.

Eye expressions are an efficient, natural and universal way to 
connect instantly with Ulo.

Jump over to the Kickstarter website for all detail.
The Ulo security camera is now available there from €149.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Totoro Cape Tutorial Sewing for Kindergarten

Explore the step by step how to sew this lovely Totoro Cape

CHOCOOLATE X DC Comics X Hello Kitty collection

CHOCOOLATE teams up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, 
DC Comics and Hello Kitty to release a special and loveable collection 
for the Hello Kitty and DC Comics fans. In this collection, 
Hello Kitty dresses up as everyone’s favorite DC Comics characters, 
including Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Catwoman, 
which highlight in a series of printed tee, sweater, skirt or even 
the bomber jackets to mix and match your Winter everyday look. 
Join the :CHOCOOLATE X DC Comics X Hello Kitty team 
to become a superhero in this season!

*Available at all CHOCOOLATE Hongkong shops 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Peter Rabbit's Garden App

Join Peter Rabbit and his friends after Peter's narrow escape 
from Mr. McGreggor's garden and help them build 
their own garden so that they wont have to risk getting baked 
into a pie in order to fill their furry tummies.
Plant, harvest, and bring your freshest crops to the rabbit marketplace 
and sell or trade them for bunny money and other fantastic goods. 
Make new friends and invite them to your garden and 
also follow them to theirs!

32 of characters from the original story are in this game. 
Meet and collect all of characters!

Free Download Campaign!
$2.99 → $0.00 (FREE) 

Go and get it free at iTunes Store now.