Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello Kitty Bath Ball

wow...., so kawaii ゚・✿ヾ╲(。◕‿◕。)╱✿・゚

Wrapping Paper Bow Tutorial + Giveaway!

Holly has made some Rilakkuma wrapping paper just in time for the holidays 
She also made a video on how to make this cute wrapping paper bow!

Moreover, she does a giveaway of this AMAZING ZIPPER POUCH!!!! 
This is also for sale in her store, and it is of great quality, really, 
it is so soft and well made, you know that it will last a long time.

Check out other Molly Bagettes Bags at zazzle.com

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is comment at her site 
and let her know what your favorite item in her store is, 
or what you think she should add to it!
Winner will be chosen randomly on 12/15/13.

Also don't forget to use the promo code HOLLYCOPTER1 for 10% off now
through December 25, 2013!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Molang Widgets are On Sale Now

★ Big sales event for celebrating open! ★
Just one week! You can get all of character widget 50% off.
Get molang widgets at the special price of $ 0.99

  Molang Animated Memo Widget.

Molang automatically changes its appearance as the battery level changes


★ Useful Tips
- Tab Molang and see Molang’s move- Food will be gone as batter level changes
- Tab text area and check your battery status and ram status

           Molang Animated Memo Widget.

Tab Molang and see Molang’s move. Very easy to remember anything.

★ How to use
1. Touch the Bubble
2. Choose character you like
3. Write down memo and check it from preview
4. Press back button and comeback to home screen

★ Special Features
- Molang Moves as you toch the Molang
- You can choose from 5 Cute Molangs
- Auto Charater change: Automatically changes characters as you turn on 
your home screen.
- Animation ON/OFF
- Memos you wrote will be saved automatically and can share memos

            Molang Animated D-day Widget.

Counting on special day? Counting it with Molang !
Try touch Molang, it moves on your screen.

★ How to Set the Date
1. Tap text area
2. Choose character you like
3. Set the date
4. Choose calculation type
5. Press back button and comeback to home screen

Go and get them at google play now!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Anna Sui's Disney Minnie Mouse Collection 2013

Anna Sui’s 2013 CHRISTMAS COLLECTION theme is 
Introducing an array of super cute items featuring designs with 
Minnie Mouse singing, performing, and shining like a star!
 Every girl is a fan of Disney’s most fashionable member,
Minnie Mouse♡ This special night calls for a special starry look.
All eyes will be on you! Tonight, the music emanating from
the stage will take over you… Revel in the moment…♪
 The Anna Sui Holiday Collection is special products with the cute
characters, Minnie Mouse ! All of the products, which each feature
special Minnie Mouse designs, are not only must-haves for
your own beauty look but the perfect gift this holiday season.
The Makeup Kit is so lovely. The fun, limited edition tin box has
a ribbon shaped eye compact, the ideal combination of color and
shimmer to create beautiful, defined eyes, and a bold colored lipstick,
shaped like mini mouse, which is almost too cute to use!

The Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse collection consists of:

Rock Song
Cool eyes, passionate lips and a hot beat- a truly enthralling combination♪

 Romantic Serenade
Soft eyes, seductive lips and a romantic tune make for 

an intoxicating performance♪

That wink… that flirty glance… becomes even more special with 
perfectly dramatic eyes.
The mascara that creates perfect eyes now available in 
a limited edition Minnie Mouse-design!
- Perfect Separation & Curl.
-Supremely Dense & Lengthy Lashes that and last!

A one-night engagement for your nails Starry lights for holiday nights…
Paint your nails in romantic holiday shades with these 
Minnie Mouse-design Nail Colors

Like adorning your body with roses…
Skin is left seductively fragrant and dancing with light
This Minnie Mouse-design Body Balm delivers glowing, 
supple skin that lasts and lasts♪

The scent of roses…
And the secret to moisturized skin this holiday season
Anna Sui's popular hand cream now available in 
a cute Minnie Mouse-design!

A special season calls for special lips.
Creamy hydration, supreme shine…
Realize a perfectly moisturized & glossy pout with 

this Minnie Mouse-design lip balm!

The Anna Sui x Minnie Mouse collection is available in Anna Sui shops 
and counters. 
You can buy online at www.beuatylish.com, www.urbanoutfitters.com
www.b-glowing.com and www.asos.com,

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Princess Blissing Out The New Year


Princess blissing out the New Year right. Ahhhhhh.

Tokidoki Photo Bomb App

Download the tokidoki photo bomb app today, and bring the wonderful art 
and characters of Italian artist Simone Legno into your photo moments. 

Add a touch of cuteness to every photo you snap with 
this tokidoki photo bomb app! 
Download for FREE on your iPhone or Android 
and you’ll automatically receive 6 stickers! 

Snap photos, add tokidoki characters, add text and share 
your creativity with your friends via facebook, 
twitter, instagram from within the app. 

Features your favorite tokidoki characters such as donutella,
cactus and friends, moofia, unicorno, punkstar and Til'Death Do Us Part.
To unlock more cuteness, purchase the other sticker packs. 
Now available for download in the app store!

To download for iPhone: http://bit.ly/HFISdv
To download for Android: http://bit.ly/178Rd5o

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hello Kitty HTC Butterfly S Unboxing at the Hello Kitty Restaurant

Hello Kitty Butterfly S http://www.mobilegeeks.com HTC has come out 
with a limited edition Butterfly S with a Hello Kitty design. 
There are only 3000 of these custom handsets on the market and 
they are only available in Taiwan for a limited time. 
It comes preloaded with 9 hello kitty wall papers and retails 
for NT$22,900 ($765) - the same price the Butterfly S 
went on sale for in Taiwan at the end of June.

See more detail here.

Sentimental Circus Wallpaper From San-X

Monday, November 18, 2013

Win! Cornell's Singapore Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker

The first time I saw this picture, I thought the giveaways were end.

Then I explore cornell singapore facebook and find that 
the giveaways still open +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚

Breakfast will never be the same for you and your child with 
Cornell’s Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker worth $49.90 each.

Would you like to win this adorable Hello Kitty sandwich maker? 
Head to cornell singapore facebook, you have a chance to win once a week.

What you have to do is so easy such as, 
- Like and share Cornell Singapore Facebook and tell them 
why you want it!
How would you caption this tasty breakfast? 
Like and share this picture and give them a great caption.
Describe the kind of sandwich you would whip up with the Hello Kitty 
sandwich maker. Like and share this picture and then tell them! 

For this week, your challenge is this yummy sandwich.

Apricot and Chicken Hello Kitty Sandwich

Like and share this picture and then describe 
what you think is a delicious and healthy breakfast. 
The best answer wins a Hello Kitty sandwich maker!

Hurry up!! I don't know when this giveaways will be end.


In cornell singapore facebook, I also find the yummy sandwich recipe.

Apricot and Chicken Hello Kitty Sandwich

Ingredients (2 sandwich servings)
• White bread – 4 slices (*you can change to softmeal 

or whole meal bread if you prefer)
• White chicken meat – 40~45g (shredded into thin strips)
• Dried apricot – 2~3 pieces (cut into small pieces)
• Low fat mayonnaise – 1.5 tbsp
• Salt and pepper to taste

• Add the dried apricot, mayonnaise, salt and 
to the chicken mixture and mix well.
• Preheat the Hello Kitty sandwich maker until the indicator light 
turns green. Place two slices of bread at the base. 

Spread the chicken mixture, leaving a 1cm border around the edges.
• Place two slices of bread on top. Close the top cover of
the sandwich maker and grill the sandwich for about three minutes.

Have a nice day!!

Japanese Seasoning Set

So cute and yummy gift set from Ajinomoto.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mirai Suenaga LINE Stickers

I thought almost all of you might know Mirai Suenaga.
The Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers have just been released 
and seem to be quite popular

They are now available for free only and for 90 days.
So sad for me and many people who don't live in Indonesia, Malaysia 
and Singapore, they are available for these regions only. 

To get Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers, you have to add Danny Choo's account first

I know that Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers aren't available for me. 
Anyway I tried scanning the above QR code to add Danny Choo's account 
and to get to the Mirai Suenaga sticker download page.
Then I had Danny Choo account in my friend list but I couldn't 
download Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers 

As Danny Choo has posted in his blog, if the button is grayed out 
then it means that you are not in a region that LINE wants you 
to be in for you to download the stickers.

Would you like to download Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers?
Take it easy, Danny Choo can help!!

Visit www.dannychoo.com, explore the guide to download 
Line stickers from other countries and follow the step by step there.

Then you will get so cute Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers like me. (。◕ ∀ ◕。)

Hurry up!! they're available till November 28, 2013, just one week left.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cute Small Kitty Stamp

This cute small Kitty Stamp was reviewed by Ishtar Olivera.

Cute supply is available at Modes4U.com. 

LINE 'Pray for the Philippines' Sticker Set Sold for Haiyan Victims

In light of the recent tragedy brought upon by the super Typhoon Yolanda, 
LINE is inviting the global community to support the typhoon victims 
in the Philippines.

A week after Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) battered central Philippines, 
LINE has released on Friday, November 15, a special stickers set - 
"Pray for the Philippines." Designed with hope, this special edition of 
LINE Character Stickers is available for free in the Philippines, 
to let people express their feelings to their loved ones, 
in a different way. 

It is also be available globally, at a minimal cost (50 coins). 
Proceeds will be donated to The Philippine Red Cross to help 
rebuild the damaged cities.

Let's pray for the Philippines!!