Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rilakkuma Desktop Wallpaper With Cute Icons

Look!! These Desktop Wallpaper and icons are so cute.

Would like to set yours like this? You can easily do it ^^

Firstly, set Rilakkuma wallpaper by clicking at the image above (or here
and set it as your wallpaper.

Secondly, download the Red Little Shoes Icon Set here (for Mac) 
or here (Windows).

Then follow the step by step as below to change your icons to the cuteness.

1. Right click (or crtl+click if you use Mac) on the icon file
you just downloadedand select 'Get info'

2. You'll see the info screen. Look at the top left and you should see
that iconin small size, just copy it. (Click and cmd+c)

3. Then do the same to the icon/folder you want to change.
(Rightclick--> Get info) 
Now click at the little icon at the top left and PASTE (cmd+v)

4. Hooray!!! It's done. 

If you want to return the icon to the original one, 
then click at the icon in get info screen, and cmd+x (cut) 
With this method, you can change any icon you want without 
install third-party software.

Have a nice day!!

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