Saturday, March 16, 2013

Make Me Free For iPhone

You can create your own comic avatar characters with easy on your iPhone! 
Create images that resemble your friends and save them on iPhone contact list. 
Share your characters with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Free download at iTune store.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rilakkuma Desktop Wallpaper With Cute Icons

Look!! These Desktop Wallpaper and icons are so cute.

Would like to set yours like this? You can easily do it ^^

Firstly, set Rilakkuma wallpaper by clicking at the image above (or here
and set it as your wallpaper.

Secondly, download the Red Little Shoes Icon Set here (for Mac) 
or here (Windows).

Then follow the step by step as below to change your icons to the cuteness.

1. Right click (or crtl+click if you use Mac) on the icon file
you just downloadedand select 'Get info'

2. You'll see the info screen. Look at the top left and you should see
that iconin small size, just copy it. (Click and cmd+c)

3. Then do the same to the icon/folder you want to change.
(Rightclick--> Get info) 
Now click at the little icon at the top left and PASTE (cmd+v)

4. Hooray!!! It's done. 

If you want to return the icon to the original one, 
then click at the icon in get info screen, and cmd+x (cut) 
With this method, you can change any icon you want without 
install third-party software.

Have a nice day!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sentimental Circus: Rio the Lion Bento

San-x's new line Sentimental Circus.

After the whole town is felt asleep quietly, neglected abandoned toys are awaking 
one by one and gathering together..
"Kuro", performer of the rolling globe.
"Mr. Bear", performer of the tightrope walking.
"Pigu" & "Mamo" performer of trapeze acts.
And when "Shappo", impresario, appears,
the curtain of the mysterious circus, "Sentimental Circus" goes up somewhere again.
Resource : San-x.

The whole characters are above. The most popular is Shappo.
Anyway, the others are so kawaii ^^.
I found the cute Rio the Lion Bento at Cooking Gallery Blog.

Her Bento is cute and look yummy. I'd like to test some : D