Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sentimental Circus: Rio the Lion Bento

San-x's new line Sentimental Circus.

After the whole town is felt asleep quietly, neglected abandoned toys are awaking 
one by one and gathering together..
"Kuro", performer of the rolling globe.
"Mr. Bear", performer of the tightrope walking.
"Pigu" & "Mamo" performer of trapeze acts.
And when "Shappo", impresario, appears,
the curtain of the mysterious circus, "Sentimental Circus" goes up somewhere again.
Resource : San-x.

The whole characters are above. The most popular is Shappo.
Anyway, the others are so kawaii ^^.
I found the cute Rio the Lion Bento at Cooking Gallery Blog.

Her Bento is cute and look yummy. I'd like to test some : D

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