Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rilukkuma Coffee

...would like to show you how to make rilakkuma coffee. 

It's cute and easy to decorate your drink like this  ^^

Just have the Rilakkuma bear plastic stencils for coffee and food, 
 then you can do it!!

3 cute Rilakkuma stencils to embellish food and drinks
colours: red with bear head, white with bear face, yellow with chick
from the "Rilakkuma Chocolate and Coffee" collection
washable and reusable by SAN-X Japan.

super cute design
a great way to embellish food and drinks for children and adults
perfect for parties or children's birthday parties

- place stencil on food or cup
- if necessary bend up the small handles of the stencil 
to be able to lift it up easily after decoration 
-sprinkle cocoa, icing sugar or similar on the stencil
- carefully lift up the stencil


Check them out at modes4u online shop.

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