Monday, March 3, 2014

Bunny-Costume Rilakkuma Weekly Planners


Make your week less stressful by planning ahead with Rilakkuma, 
in bunny-costume, of course! 
Filled with weekly templates, pages for notes, and blank pages for 
brainstorming ideas, you can never be too prepared for the month ahead. 

Find yourself using this planner quite often? 
Place it upright on your desk, using the front cover 
to make it stand, for convenience and easy access! 

So, your busy schedule is now no longer an issue… 

Product is approximately 7 inches (175 mm) wide and 
5.75 inches (145 mm) long.

These new Rilakkuma Weekly Planners are US$11.85 each.
Check them out at CoolPencilCase.

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