Friday, February 6, 2015

Tiny Korilakkuma in Snow Globe Necklace

I found so adorable necklaces for Korilakkuma lovers 
They're handmade and made to order items.
The first one feature little Korilakkuma dressed up in 
a bee costume, holding a jar of golden honey, gazing out from 
a magical heaven and surrounded by falling fairy dust snow. 
With a lazy smile they sit upon their magic cloud and chase after 
each falling star and hearts raining down from the sky. 
This features Korilakkuma dressed up as a bee, holding a jar of honey. 
The jar of honey is a golden translucent and has the words "honey" 
written on it in pink letters.

Another features little Korilakkuma dressed up to splash around 
in the bubble bath with her friend, Rubber Ducky. 
The snow globe is hand blown glass, and as such can break if dropped. 
The bezel is a scallop alloy metal. The bears are surrounded by 
a snowy fairy dust glitter to give them an angelic appearance. 
Accenting the fancy gold chain are glass faceted glitter beads, 
fastening at the neck with a simple lobster clasp, and 
featuring the brand new Pop Princess heart tags. 

See more detail and check them out at Pop Princess Etsy Shop.

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