Thursday, June 4, 2015

Japanese Artist Creates Adorable Micro-Replicas of Food and Household Items

Japanese artist Tomo Tanaka has been crafting miniature food 
inspired by Paris since 2002. Using clay and epoxy, 
Tomo Tanaka has created everything from high-end Parisian treats 
to thin crust pizzas and fries.

 Croissants, pastries, baguettes and macarons have 
all been given a mini makeover to a scale of 1/12. 

He also creates the work for doll houses and 
the level of detail in the food is truly realistic.
The miniatures are so lifelike that the artist has to include his hand 
in each photograph for scale and to also show that they’re not real.
He’s even published 2 books on his work. 
You can keep up with the artist on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.


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