Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'TEP' | The Motivational Fitness Tracker

Tep is the combination of a tamagotchi and 
a sport tracker mobile application.

Keep alive your virtual pet by your physical activities!

Track your running, walking, and cycling with 
the cutest sports tracker app!
Keep a tiny giraffe in your pocket and take care of it 
with your real physical activities.
Start out with running, walking, or cycling to get your rewards.

The app uses the calories you've burned, the distance and average pace
of your jogs, and exercise in general to keep your giraffe alive.

Tep is also compatible with other fitness accessories
such as Fitbit and Jawbone.

Your Tamagotchi reloaded.
The cutest fitness app ever for free.

Tep is available on the iOS app store, Google Play and 

Get your tamagotchi app now!
Explore all detail at Tep's website.

Get Healthy and Have fun!

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