Thursday, February 4, 2016

Free Printable Happy Valentine's Day

Jen designed these printable Superhero Valentines
and shared them on her blog.


The classic peanut butter and jelly, donuts and coffee, 
milk and cookies and of course pie with whipped cream 
all have cute smiley faces and a touch of chevron. 
All 4 designs are available to download for free
at Hostess with Hostess Blog.


This is a double sided paper airplane that reads: 
“You make my heart SOAR”. It also has a place to 
write the name of a giver and the name of 
a receiver on the underside.

Click here to download this printable Paper Airplane Valentine.


Go now to download and print your FREE Printable Star Wars Valentines.


There're two sets of Valentine's day labels by,
one showcasing the woodland friends, the bear, fox, squirrel 
and birdie and the other with four cute little monsters.

These labels are ready for you by clicking the button 
at the end of the post

Happy Valentine's Day

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