Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DECOPIC : Kawaii Photo Editing App

 This ultra-popular camera app makes it easy to do cute 
and stylish photo editing.
It's super easy one-step decoration!

 Lots of free decorations ♪
Over 500 cute stamps and frames are available for free!

They are also adding decorations perfect for seasons and events ★

 Available decoration tools ♪
Filters, frames, stamps, lettering, pen, eraser, and more...
With this app, you can edit images however you like ♪

 Tons of different filters too ♪
Outfits, selfies, fashion, nails, lunch, pets, and more...
You can edit photos based on the situation ♪
Try LOMO or Retro to make your photo look like 

it was taken with a toy camera!

 Classic phrases available in convenient form ♪
Of course, you can also add your own words of your choosing !
Add long sentences and poems to your favorite photos ★

 You can easily upload photos to social networking services ♪
Decorate photos taken with the camera and then 

upload them to social networking services ☆
You can share photos on Facebook and Twitter right away ♪
Of course, you can also send photos via LINE ★

 Cute decorations ♪
They’ve even been featured in popular Japanese fashion magazines ♪
You’ll be able to make cute pictures on your smartphone ☆
They regularly add free material such as stamps and frames ♡
They also look forward to requests for decorations and features ♪

See more detail and get it at google play now!!!

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