Monday, April 7, 2014

Rilakkuma Rice Ball

This is a character bento featuring everyone's favourite mascot, Rilakkuma. 

1. Mix the cooked rice with the mentsuyu
Wrap the rice with cling wrap to shape the head and ears.

2. The ears should be just as thick as the head.

3. Once cooled, remove the wrap and add to the bento box.

4. Cut out the inside of the ears from the edge of 
an egg crepe with an oval-shaped cutter.

5. Fix the inside of the ears in place with 
a rod of uncooked spaghetti.

6. With the same cutter used in Step 4, cut out a piece 
of sliced cheese. Again, using a piece of uncooked 
spaghetti, fix this to just under the centre of the face. 
If you push the pasta down so that it doesn't poke out, 
it shouldn't be too noticeable.

7. Create the rest of the face by cutting out some nori seaweed. 
You're all done.

See all detail and helpful hints at cookpad.

Do you know Mentsuyu?

Mentsuyu (noodle sauce) is a very versatile sauce that gives 
many dishes a great Japanese flavor.  This is perfect for dipping 
cold Soba or Somen noodles, tempura and more. 
Mentsuyu is flavourful and can either be purchased ready made 
from your local Japanese grocery store, or can be 
easily homemade as well. 

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