Thursday, March 5, 2015

4 "Purr-fect" Sundae Delights at Swensen's Singapore

Do you plan to travel to Singapore this month?
Don't miss these lovely and yummy Hello Kitty themed desserts!!

Merry Berry Kitty : Dig into generous scoops of Raspberry 
Cheese Cake ice cream accompanied by luxurious blueberry 
topping and fresh strawberries for a tangy finish. 
Topped with a pretty White Chocolate Hello Kitty, 
and you get to bring home a Hello Kitty Coaster 
with every purchase of this berry-licious sundae!

Rosey Kitty Kisses : Treat yourself to a delightful combination 
of “Bandung” (Rose) ice cream topped with delicious chunks 
of red bean and Nata de Coco for a delicate Asian touch. 
An edible Hello Kitty sugar lollipop tag sits atop for 
a pretty finish. Comes with an adorable Hello Kitty Coaster 
that you can bring home and add to your Sanrio memorabilia!

Hugs and Velvety Kisses : Indulge in the perfect sweetness 
of Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream entwined 
with fluffy Red Velvet Sponge Cake with every mouthful 
of Hugs and Velvety Kisses. Comes topped with a sugar 
coated edible Hello Kitty tag. Available for 
a limited time only at all Swensen's outlets!

Purr-fect Waffle Dream : Relish in the “purr-fect” delectable 
combination of “Bandung” (Rose) ice cream and strawberry 
topping served atop a golden toasted waffle. 
Topped with a White Chocolate Hello Kitty figurine 
for a memorable extra touch. 
Hurry up!
These Hello Kitty themed desserts are still available 
at all Swensen's outlets for a limited time only.

See more detail of this promotion at Swensen's Singapore Facebook.

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