Thursday, March 19, 2015

LEICA Celebrates Mascot Kumamon's Birthday with 2 Limited Edition Cameras in C and M

Leica has released some limited edition camera designs 
to celebrate the birthday of their Kumamoto plant's mascot, Kumamon.

The Kumamon camera design is on Leica C and Leica M cameras. 
They both commemorate Kumamon's birthday, which is 12 March. 

Based on the designs of the Leica C and M class series, both of these 
will feature Kumamon’s face and name in different places on the device. 

For the C, Kumamon's face is placed in the front at the bottom corner 
while on the M device Kumamon's face and wording are placed on 
the main body just next to the view finder on the front and on the top. 

The Kumamon Leica M is made based on the high-end Leica M model, 
There is usually an "M" written on the front of the Leica M cameras, 
Kumamon Leica M says "kumaMon" including a huge "M.

As of now, there is only one Leica M Kumamon model in the world, 
and the Leica C model has been produced in a limited run of 50 units 
which will be available for sale at Tsuruyahyakkaten camera corner 
and Japan Leica store. There’s no information on if more will be made. 
The C is also a more standard digital camera whereas the M device is 
of the micro four thirds varieties (digital range finder – 35mm included), 
with a black leather front, that supports a variety of lens when required.

They are priced in the vicinity of $3,000 (£2,200).

 More information available at DC.Watch.

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